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This 12 hour training course is designed for those who may need to use counselling skills in their workplace and those who have an interest in finding out more about counselling.


VENUE: Bedford Counselling and Training, 32 St John's Street, Bedford MK42 0DH.


Course Fee: £170


The course will cover the following subjects:


• Developing skills for communication in counselling

• Understanding empathy

• Unconscious processes

• Developing counselling skills


Course Dates 2018
6 Thursday evenings - 19:00 - 21:30

October 4th / 11th / 18th
November 1st / 8th / 15th


“Very valuable and applicable to a range of settings and contexts”

“Good introduction to such a broad subject backed up by real experiences and references to wider reading”

“A great course would recommend to anyone wanting to learn about counselling”

“A really good mixture of practical and theory”



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Course run by Bedford Counselling at: 32 St. John's Street, Bedford, MK42 0DH.


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Today’s workplaces can be stressful and pressurised, and it is important to look after the mental health and wellbeing of staff and clients. Managers, teachers and front-line staff routinely deal with people facing life issues or challenges, or are finding it hard to cope. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand how people respond and behave at times of stress. It can also be hard to find a way to help someone through their problems whilst still having to get work done.

Our one day training courses are designed to give staff the skills and knowledge to help them deal with everyday work situations whether that be angry clients, difficult colleagues or working relationships.




Our counsellors have had years of training and practice to become qualified counsellors and of course you can’t become a counsellor with one, two or three days of training. What you get from these one-day courses are useful ways to listen more deeply to what is being communicated, which often includes what is not being said. Equally important is being able to respond to a person and to be able to move the situation forward positively. All three days contain practise scenarios where these skills can be used effectively.

Each day has a different emphasis on themes of communication, anger management and self-care. We recommend doing all three days but understand that work commitments and limited resources can make that difficult, so we have designed them as three stand alone training days. We will put these courses on throughout the year so you can do another of the courses some other time. Each day will come with a certificate for 6.5 hours of Continuing Professional Development.


14th September 2018 - Communication


An understanding of unconscious processes and listening out for what is really being communicated is a great help when trying to help people in need. We look at some basic psychodynamic theory of the unconscious, but the emphasis is on developing better listening skills and responding directly to the underlying need being expressed.


2nd November 2018 - Anger Management


Dealing with angry people can be difficult and intimidating but this day is about stepping back from the natural “fight or flight” response and understanding different kinds of anger and where they come from. We use Object Relations theory as a way of understanding how we all react differently in situations often based on our own relationships in early life. We practice listening and responding skills with emphasis on handling anger.



7th December 2018 - Looking After Yourself


It is too easy to take on the problems of others at a cost to our own wellbeing. This day is about looking at ourselves and the ways we typically react in relation to others. The theory section is about Attachment Theory which explains basic patterns of relating, particularly in relation to care givers and parental figures. This is a useful tool to be able to recognise our own vulnerabilities and help us look after ourselves and others better.



Stuart Sage


Stuart Sage is a Group Analyst and Psychotherapist in private practice, with extensive experience in NHS management and rehabilitation management. Stuart had worked in psychiatry and addiction for over 20 years and has experience of running training and therapeutic groups, social drama as well as team management. Stuart also runs our Introduction to Counselling course.



The courses are run at our counselling centre, Bedford Counselling & Training at 32 St John’s Street, Bedford and there is some free parking behind St John’s church hall nearby.

Each course is limited to ten people so book a place now. Email to book your place.

The cost of each course is £125 which includes lunch and refreshments.

Payment Options:

  • Send cheque payable to ‘Bedford Counselling Centre’ to Bedford Counselling and Training, 32 St John’s Street, Bedford MK42 0DH
  • Direct bank transfer to Coop Bank, sort code 089299, account no. 65682890 putting your name/organisation as a reference and email us to confirm payment has been made.
  • Pay Eventbrite online via FIND OUT MORE link (includes added handling fee)



“Extremely stimulating.  Learnt a lot that I will carry forward in my career”

“Course has been really enjoyable and thought provoking – delivered and conducted with sensitivity"

“An accommodating and insightful course”

“I felt a real transmission of knowledge, you made it a great experience”




Come along to our monthly Saturday morning sessions covering a variety of topics.
Open to all counsellors/trainees.

WHEN: 2nd Saturday of the month - 9.30am – 1pm - unless marked*

WHERE: 32 St John's Street, Bedford, MK42 0DH.

PARKING: Free parking is available behind St John’s Church Hall, 38 St John’s Street (parking beyond the dividing wall). Leaving the car park walk towards town and BCaT is next door to Serino Flooring.

Bedford College, Cauldwell Street, MK42 9AH - £2 all day parking (Sat).

COST: £45 for 3½ hours CPD. Certification of hours provided.



Continuing Professional Development
Autumn Term 2018

Saturday, September 8th  09.30am – 1pm
Grow Your Practice with Coaching

Counsellors make great life coaches! Sally Brown will look at different models of coaching and knowing when and how to integrate elements of coaching into your counselling practice.

Saturday, October 13th  09:30am - 1pm
Unexplained Physical Symptoms

Dr Jean Penman will present her research findings on persistent unexplained physical symptoms in healthcare and therapy and will help counsellors increase confidence in practice when encountering these symptoms.

Saturday, November 10th  09.30am – 1pm
The Use of Expressive Arts

Following a popular workshop on using sandtray technique, Katherine Lee will show how the use of creative non verbal techniques are valuable in a variety of client presentations and particularly where trauma has diminished the capacity to express experience in words.

Saturday, December 8th  09.30am – 1pm

Are we there yet? Andrew Dutton will look at various types of ending in therapy set against an idealized notion of the trajectory of therapy. Participants are invited to bring brief case vignettes where they wish to consider the ending, or lack of it.


Certificated CPD for all counsellors. £45 for 3.5 hours on Saturday mornings in Bedford.

CPD held at BCaT, 32 St Johns Street, Bedford, MK42 0DH.
Free parking behind St Johns Church Hall, St Johns Street.

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Love, Hate and the Erotic in the Consulting Room presented by Jackie Gerrard.

Bedford Counselling and Training are delighted to be hosting the Bedford Symposia on Counselling and Psychotherapy. The Symposia are being facilitated to attract recognised speakers in the field of psychotherapy to Bedford, giving counsellors and psychotherapists in the region the opportunity to hear such speakers without having to travel to London or beyond.

The topics will be of interest to all therapists and each symposium will be certified for 4.5 hours continuing professional development. They will run from 10.30am to 3pm and will include a good lunch and plenty of opportunity for discussion in the spirit of true symposia

WHEN: Saturday 17th November, 2018

WHERE: Bedford Symposia are held at The University of Bedfordshire’s Bedford Campus in the Gateway Building, which offers modern, high-quality teaching and seminar spaces. This is easily accessible by car from all over the region and free parking is available next to the building. Bedford Railway Station is five minutes away by taxi.

The Gateway Building, University of Bedfordshire, Polhill Avenue, Bedford, MK419EA.

COST: Entry to the Symposium will cost £75 (or £65 for students) and will be limited to 30 places. Lunch and refreshments are all included, as is free parking on site

To book a place you can pay by direct bank transfer to Coop Bank, sort code 089299, account no. 65682890. Please put your own name as a reference and email us to say you have done this, so we can book your place, or send a cheque payable to Bedford Counselling Centre to BCaT, 32 St Johns Street, Bedford MK42 0DH.


10.30am – 3pm
Jackie Gerrard - Love, Hate and the Erotic in the Consulting Room

Jackie Gerrard addresses the vital elements of Love, Hate and the Erotic as they arise in the daily work of a psychotherapist.  It poses questions such as:  Should we love our clients? Can we hate our clients? How should we deal with our clients’ sexual feelings towards us? And, finally: dare we acknowledge sexual feelings towards our clients? The paper offers clinical vignettes in conjunction with theory. We will see how manifest feelings such as love and hate may conceal other unconscious feelings and serve as conflicted ways to attach. This seminar is an opportunity to understand and appreciate more fully how we might talk with our clients about their transference fantasies.

Jackie Gerrard is a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist who is a Fellow, Senior Member, Training Therapist and Supervisor of the British Psychotherapy Foundation (formerly the London Centre for Psychotherapy). Her practice is in Elstree where she works with individuals and couples. Much of her work is also in supervision, with both trainees and qualified therapists. She has an interest in erotic transference and has written and taught on many counselling and psychotherapy trainings, finding there to be a gap in how trainees learn to handle this material. Her book, The Impossibility of Knowing, comprises many of her published papers. Her website can be viewed at


Programme: Saturday 17th November

10:30 am - Arrive and refreshments

11:00 am - Jackie Gerrard

12:00 pm - Plenary

12:30 pm - Lunch

1:30 pm - DVD case study and discussion

2:30 pm - Plenary

3:00 pm  Finish


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WHEN: Saturday 6th April 2019  09:30 - 16:30

WHERE: Box End Park, Kempston, MK43 8RQ


This conference The Political Mind will explore the role of the unconscious in political and social life presented by  respected speakers in their field David Morgan and Renee Danziger.


David Morgan presents

“Inflammatory projective identification in fundamentalist religious and economic terrorism".

David Howell Morgan is a Consultant Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst BPAS BPA BPF, Training Analyst Supervisor, Lecturer Internationally and Nationally, Chair of Political Minds & Frontier Psychoanalyst. Contributor on Resonance FM and shortly BBC radio 4. He is a Co Editor with Stanley Ruszczynsk: Violence Delinquency and Perversion, and edited or written many other publications and chapters most recently ‘Inflammatory Projective Identification in Political and Economic Terrorism’ in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Spring 2018 and ‘The Return of the Oppressed ‘Warsaw EPF Conference. He Co-Chairs EPF Political Minds and is also a Member of the IPA committee on Humanitarian Organisations.



Dr Renee Danziger presents

“We're all in it together: Austerity's myth".

Renee Danziger is a Fellow of the BPAS, an Honorary Senior Lecturer at UCL, and has a private practice.
Her academic background is in social science, and her doctorate is in politics. Before training as a psychoanalyst, she worked for a white-collar trade union, a human rights NGO, the World Health Organisation's AIDS Programme, and then as an academic for a number of years. She's published a book on political powerlessness, and a number of papers, mainly on health policy.

“Sex and the Psyche” with speakers Brett Kahr and Valerie Sinason.

Testimonials from last year’s Conference

“Thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking day, with very engaging speakers in a comfortable and pleasant venue”

“Very useful and interesting workshop. Thank you!”

“Excellent speakers and planning”

“Loved it all. Thank you for organising it.  When’s the next one?”

"If you are a psychodynamic counsellor or psychotherapist seeking to work in an organisation then we would like to hear from you."

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